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Translational studies

Many of our research programmes involve work with medical and clinical professionals, with the aim of comparing mouse and human genomics and translating our data in mice into patient treatments. Our main translational project is a study into the genetics of childhood otitis media, impaired hearing caused by inflammation of the inner ear, but we are also investigating human genes involved in type II diabetes, and have other projects that are expected to progress to a translational stage in the near future.

Genetics of otitis media study

We are working closely with Dr Mahmood Bhutta, a surgeon at the UCL Ear Institute, on the Genetics of Otitis Media Study. Children with ear inflammation are screened for genetic variants identified in our mouse models of otitis media in order to determine whether these genes are also involved in the human condition.

Genetics of type 2 diabetes

In collaboration with human geneticists and clinical scientists, we aim to functionally characterise a selection of candidate genes from human genome-wide association (GWA) studies in order to understand their role in diabetes. We also take novel gene targets and use these to explore potential therapeutic approaches in mouse models.