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MRC Mouse Network

The MRC Mouse Network is a forum for UK scientists to engage with the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC), an international program to determine the function of every gene in the mouse genome. The overall network is divided into separate consortia, which each focus on a particular specialist area. Joining the network enables members to nominate genes for new IMPC knockout mouse lines at MRC Harwell, access our IMPC mouse lines and tissues, receive regular updates on relevant knockout mouse lines, collaborate with other researchers in their field and contribute their own expert knowledge.

Our MRC Mouse Network Meeting was held at The Westminster Conference Centre in London on the 23 January 2015. The agenda and slides can be found on our MRC Mouse Network Meeting 2015 page. 

All scientists are welcome to join the MRC Mouse Network where you will receive regular updates about access to mutant mice, phenotypic data, and collaborative research and training - Please fill in your details to apply or email