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MRC Harwell ‘trailblazer’ for apprenticeships

MRC Harwell has been chosen to design the blueprint for two new biotechnology apprenticeships, as part of a Government initiative to provide 3 million new apprenticeships by 2020. 

In the past, apprenticeships have varied greatly in quality, and were generally set up by schools and colleges. This meant that apprentices did not always leave with the skills that employers seek.

To address this issue, the Government has chosen 26 new Trailblazer groups to lead the development of a new set of standardised apprenticeships. This will help to ensure that apprentices gain the skills that employers look for, ensuring more apprenticeships can deliver their goal of increasing employability. The apprenticeships developed by these Trailblazers will provide the blueprint for other employers across the UK to adopt, helping the Government to meet its target of creating 3 million new apprenticeships by 2020.

By becoming a Trailblazer employer, MRC Harwell will establish two new standardised apprenticeships - a Licenced Animal Technician and a Named Animal and Welfare Officer – after discussion with around 20 other organisations working in the field. We have already seen success with our animal technician apprenticeship, and becoming part of this scheme will allow us to build upon this success. As the champion for the biotechnology sector, we will play a key role in defining the shape and structure of future apprenticeships in the field. 

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