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Summer Seminar Programme 2017

All seminars will be held in the Lecture Theatre at 11.30am on Tuesdays unless stated otherwise. To book your place, please email

Due to occasional last minute changes, please check before travelling to MRC Harwell that the planned speaker is still due to give a talk on said date.  Any external visitors need to contact the speaker’s host or MGU admin on 01235 841009.


25th April                             Professor Jenny Taylor, Oxford Biomedical Research Centre Medicine Theme, WTCHG                  

Host: Steve Brown                “Genome Sequencing for Patients with Rare Diseases and Cancer”         


2nd May                               Professor Andrew Millar, School of Biological Sciences, University of Edinburgh

Host: Pat Nolan                      “A modular model predicts whole-organism phenotypes
                                                       from gene expression dynamics, via sugar metabolism.”                   


9th May                                  Dr George Tofaris, University of Oxford

Host: Edgar Kramer              “Alpha-synuclein trafficking as a rational mechanism for therapies in Parkinson’s Disease”


15th May (Monday)                Professor Nick Berbari, Indiana University (Purdue University, Indianapolis)

Host: Roger Cox                      “Roles for Primary Neuronal Cilia in Feeding Behavior and Obesity”


6th June                                 Prof Malcolm MacLeod, University of Edinburgh

Host: Martin Fray                   “Risks of Bias in Biomedical research – and what to do about them”                         


13th June                               Dr Petra Hajkova, MRC Institute of Medical Sciences​​    

Host: Andy Greenfield               “Epigenetic reprogramming in the mouse germ line.”                  


20th June                               Dr Claire Witham, Newcastle University​

Host: Steve Brown/David Farningham                          “Face recognition and behaviour identification: using techniques
                                                                                                          from computer vision to monitor welfare in macaques”                    

27th June                              Ms Sam Laber, MRC Harwell

Host: Roger Cox                    “Deciphering the function of obesity-associated regulatory elements within Fto”


11th July                                 Dr Chris Murphy, Kennedy Institute, University of Oxford

Host: Paul Potter                      “CRISPR/Cas9 -mediated genome editing in human chondrocytes”


18th July                              Ms Abigail Harris, MRC Harwell

Host: Andy Greenfield           “The control of WNT signaling and mouse gonad development”