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Careers events

We regularly attend careers fairs at schools and universities to discuss possible careers and offer advice.

We know that choosing a career route can be daunting, so we strive to help students make the crucial decisions that determine where their future lies. We understand that there are a wide variety of careers available to science graduates, so we try to cover all of these possible options. This means that we not only discuss traditional careers in biological and medical science that do and do not require a PhD, but also alternative roles such as bioinformatics, science communication, policy, business and administration. Our advisors have a wealth of experience and knowledge, which gives them a solid basis on which to offer advice.

We strive to establish opportunities for young people here at MRC Harwell, and offer work experience for sixth-form and college students, a growing apprenticeship scheme and summer studentships and placements for those studying a relevant degree. Many of those who first came here on work experience choose to apply for PhD studentships here later in life, and we have had many students return to us.