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Visiting MRC Harwell

MRC Harwell has world-class facilities and is a major player in large-scale international collaborative projects. We offer a limited number of visits and tours each year for a variety of different groups.

Our research is at the forefront of mouse genetics and we work closely with clinical geneticists and medical professionals to translate our discoveries into patient therapies. We offer visits and tours to a few groups each year, which tend to differ depending on the type of people in the group. Past visitors have included sixth-form girls interesting in finding more about Dr Mary Lyon and the University of the Third Age and the Women's Institute.

It was the MRC Centenary in 2013, and we put on many different events here at MRC Harwell to celebrate our part in the 100 years of the MRC. In particular, we took the opportunity to look back and reflect on our past achievements and the people who made them possible. Mary Lyon, whom the Mary Lyon Centre has now been named after, was celebrated for her discovery of X-linked inactivation, a turning point in the history of genetics that has led to many more discoveries since.

We ask that all visitors undergo a screening process beforehand and avoid contact with rodents for up to 48 hours prior to their visit.