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Our research programmes cover an entire lifespan, from the intricate mechanisms that occur during the earliest stages of development to the genetics underlying age-related diseases.

Large-scale functional genomics

We are part of a number of large-scale projects, including our own ageing screen and the IMPC, an international project to create the first comprehensive catalogue of mammalian gene function.

Data analysis and dissemination

We have set up systems to integrate, analyse and disseminate the vast amounts of data generated by our projects, so we can identify key findings and present them in an easy to use format.

Translational studies

Many of our research programmes involve working closely with clinical professionals, to compare mouse and human genomics and translate our mouse data into patient treatments.



MRC Harwell specialises in mouse genetics research, from the earliest stages of development to diseases of ageing. We are a key player in the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC), a large-scale collaboration that aims to find a phenotype for every gene in the mouse genome, and run the Harwell Ageing Screen, our own large-scale ENU mutagenesis project to study the genetics of ageing. All phenotypes from our projects are made available to the wider scientific community via the IMPC portal and MouseBook

We are very keen to push our research towards translational studies in humans, and collaborate with clinical and medical professionals for many of our research programmes. In particular, we are involved in the Genetics of Otitis Media Study, which is working to determine the underlying genetics of ear inflammation to help improve treatments for children with impaired hearing. More detail on our individual research programmes, including contact information for group leaders, can be found within the sections above.