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Data analysis and dissemination

Our large-scale functional genomics projects generate vast amounts of data. These massive datasets need to be integrated, analysed and compared in order to make sense of our findings and present them in a form that can be used by both our own research groups and the wider scientific community. This effort is led by our BioComputing and Statistical Genomics groups, who work together to ensure that all findings displayed are statistically significant, standardised and quality checked. They work closely with those collecting the data to constantly improve and update our systems for analysis and dissemination.


The BioComputing group develops computational methods to explore the large volumes of data generated by our projects and disseminate the results to the wider scientific community. All data collected at MRC Harwell, whether from the IMPC, Ageing Screen or one of our research programmes, is available on MouseBook. IMPC phenotype data from all collaborators involved, including MRC Harwell, can be searched on the IMPC web portal.

Statistical genomics

The Statistical genomics group develop statistical techniques that are used to analyse the large quantities of genomic data generated at MRC Harwell. In this way, the group helps to distinguish true results from normal variation and highlight patterns in the data.