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Archiving & distribution

Genetic material from our mouse lines, including sperm for IVF and DNA from our ENU mutants, is available from our archives.

Husbandry & phenotyping

We offer animal husbandry services and provide a wide variety of mouse phenotyping tests to detect abnormalities in health or behaviour.

Genome engineering

We offer services related to genomic alteration in mice, including generation of models, analysis of gene expression and cre driver activity profiling.

Pathology & bioimaging

Pathology and bioimaging can be used to detect signs of disease in mouse tissues.



MRC Harwell offers a wide range of services for the scientific community. These build upon our extensive experience in mouse functional genomics, from the initial husbandry and breeding of genetically altered lines to the final phenotyping and analysis of the tissues. Genetic material from our lines is stored in our archives so they can be re-established by other research groups. Please contact the relevant department to request these services.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the generation of genetically altered mouse models, access to archived material, husbandry and phenotyping services, gene expression analysis and clinical pathology. We can also provide advice on mouse pathology. Expert teams of scientists and technicians, state of the art equipment, and a proactive approach to the introduction and utilisation of new technological developments underpin all of our services. A bespoke Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), AnonyMus, is used to effectively handle the large quantities of data pertaining to the services we offer. 

Terms and Conditions

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