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Husbandry & phenotyping

We offer services in animal husbandry and provide a wide range of phenotyping tests for genetically altered mice. These form part of our daily operations and our staff are highly experienced in these techniques. We consider good welfare to be essential for good science, and consider it of the upmost importance. Please visit our mouse welfare page for further detail on this. 

This division offers two broad categories of services:

We always seek to ensure that all services are conducted at the highest standards. Our services are continually being adapted and improved, so it is possible that other services may become available in the future. Please contact the relevant team to enquire about a service and discuss how we can meet the needs and requirements of your research.

We have developed a bespoke Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), known as AnonyMus, in order to effectively manage the large quantities of husbandry and experimental data being produced. This system provides support for data capture at the point of generation, along with processing and reporting capabilities across the range of animal research being conducted within the centre. AnonyMus continues to be developed by a dedicated team of in-house software developers to meet the needs of MRC Harwell and the scientific community we serve.