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Expression studies

We offer services to characterise the expression pattern of reporter transgenes or lacZ trapping cassettes in genetically altered mice. These can be done either in adults or at various stages of embryonic development. To enquire about this service, please contact us.    

Reporter activity in adult tissues

To study reporter activity in lacZ expressing mice, these mice and controls are sacrificed, perfused and dissected. The separate organs are then wholemount stained and imaged. We systematically observe and annotate the expression patterns of over 40 adult tissues, and therefore provide comprehensive coverage of the body. Expression profiles are described in the central and peripheral nervous systems, gonads, pituitary glands, adrenal glands, heart, lungs, cartilage, and many other organs and tissues. A stereo-microscope​ is employed to photograph expressing tissues.

Reporter activity in embryos

In order ​to analyse expression patterns in mouse embryos, lacZ expressing embryos are sacrificed, dissected, fixed and genotyped. The embryos are wholemount stained or sectioned and stained, depending on the stage of development. The expression of the gene of interest is systematically observed and annotated against a list of EMAP terms. Embryos are imaged employing a stereo-microscope or Optical Projection Tomography. Histological sections are scanned using a Nanozoomer to generate pyramidal images. This service can therefore be used to detect expression in certain areas of interest or screen to give an overview of where your gene of interest is expressed.