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MRC Harwell is part of the IMPC, a project to create a comprehensive catalogue of mammalian gene function – now a new Nature editorial explains why it’s so important.

Syndrome’s genetic cause identified

A new intellectual disability syndrome has been described in patients. Using a mouse with remarkably similar characteristics, researchers now reveal how mutations in the β-catenin gene could cause it.

Life as an apprentice at Harwell

This week is National Apprenticeship Week 2014, so we decided to take little time to reflect on our own apprenticeships here at MRC Harwell, and our apprentices’ thoughts on their experience.

Mary Lyon chosen as a ‘Heroine of Science’

Sixth form students from The Abbey School in Reading have chosen to enter Mary Lyon as their ‘Heroine of Science’ for a National Science and Engineering Week competition at the University of Reading. On Tuesday 18 February, they visited Harwell to find out more about her life here and the incredible discovery she made.

Sex reversal defect explained

Expression of the gene Map3k4 has rescued testes development in mice with a type of sex reversal, demonstrating the important role this gene plays in directing the development of the gonads.