Research supported by MLC

The MLC supports the work of many research groups across a diverse range of disease areas, including hearing loss, type 2 diabetes, sex determination, neurodegeneration and circadian function, to name a few. Such support can include detailed phenotyping in addition to generation and husbandry of mutant mouse lines.

ZNRF3 functions in mammalian sex determination by inhibiting canonical WNT signaling

Harris, A., Siggers, P., Corrochano, S., Warr, N., Sagar, D., Grimes, D. T., Suzuki, M., Burdine, R. D., Cong, F., Koo, B. K., Clevers, H., Stevant, I., Nef, S., Wells, S., Brauner, R., Ben Rhouma, B., Belguith, N., Eozenou, C., Bignon-Topalovic, J., Bashamboo, A., McElreavey, K., Greenfield, A.

(2018) , Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A , 115 , 5474-5479


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Mouse Idh3a mutations cause retinal degeneration and reduced mitochondrial function

Findlay, A. S., Carter, R. N., Starbuck, B., McKie, L., Novakova, K., Budd, P. S., Keighren, M. A., Marsh, J. A., Cross, S. H., Simon, M. M., Potter, P. K., Morton, N. M., Jackson, I. J.

(2018) , Dis Model Mech , 11 , dmm036426


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Mice with endogenous TDP-43 mutations exhibit gain of splicing function and characteristics of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Fratta, P., Sivakumar, P., Humphrey, J., Lo, K., Ricketts, T., Oliveira, H., Brito-Armas, J. M., Kalmar, B., Ule, A., Yu, Y., Birsa, N., Bodo, C., Collins, T., Conicella, A. E., Mejia Maza, A., Marrero-Gagliardi, A., Stewart, M., Mianne, J., Corrochano, S., Emmett, W., Codner, G., Groves, M., Fukumura, R., Gondo, Y., Lythgoe, M., Pauws, E., Peskett, E., Stanier, P., Teboul, L., Hallegger, M., Calvo, A., Chio, A., Isaacs, A. M., Fawzi, N. L., Wang, E., Housman, D. E., Baralle, F., Greensmith, L., Buratti, E., Plagnol, V., Fisher, E. M., Acevedo-Arozena, A.

(2018) , EMBO J , 37 , e98684



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Loss of p300 and CBP disrupts histone acetylation at the mouse Sry promoter and causes XY gonadal sex reversal

Carre, G. A., Siggers, P., Xipolita, M., Brindle, P., Lutz, B., Wells, S., Greenfield, A.

(2018) , Hum Mol Genet , 27 , 190-198



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Leukemia Inhibitory Factor-Receptor is Dispensable for Prenatal Testis Development but is Required in Sertoli cells for Normal Spermatogenesis in Mice

Curley, M., Milne, L., Smith, S., Atanassova, N., Rebourcet, D., Darbey, A., Hadoke, P. W. F., Wells, S., Smith, L. B.

(2018) , Sci Rep , 8 , 11532



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